User photos

Raffaele Barzacchi 18 inch Canopus

Raffaele Barzacchi is using his Celano driven telescope to image the moon. These excellent lunar images where made with a ASI120MM ccd camera.

mare-humboldtianum_20140407_2025_barz sinus-iridum_20140314_0053_barz rima-sheepshanks_20140407_2050_barz hercules-atlas_20140407_2051_barz aristoteles-eudoxus_20140407_2033_barz

May 2015 – Some more pictures Raffaele sent us recently of the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Really amazing work!!!

keldysh_hercules_atlas_20140407_2024_barz1 lacus_mortis_20140406_1958_barz piton_gamma_20140407_2046_IHT_barz1rima_ariadaeus_20140407_2021_barzacchijup_20150409_2136_nord_barz1


Sumerian optics 16 inch Canopus (discontinued model)

This telescope by Sumerian optics is fitted with our system. Sumerian optics has recently concentrated its production on a new line of travelscopes. Telescopes like the pictured model may be available again in the future.


Jan van Gastel 12 inch f5.0 & 20 inch f3.6

Jan is has motorized a 30 cm dobson for a friend using a DeepSkyParts kit


Eric Mennel 35 cm f4 newton


Rob van Vreden 16 inch f4.5


Carl Vehmeyer 18 inch f4.6


Piet Hans Bruinsma 16 inch f5

 Piet Hans has used the Celano Telescope Controller to make this excellent webcam photo of Jupiter