User photos

Sumerian Optics

The Celano telescope controller is now available at Sumerian optics. This is a manufacturer of very high quality telescopes based in the Netherlands. They offer hand-made Dobsonian telescopes in different sizes. Sumerian Optics currently offers three Dobsonian models in several sizes. Pictured is a 16 inch Canopus model fitted with our system.


Jan van Gastel 12 inch f5.0 & 20 inch f3.6

Jan is has motorized a 30 cm dobson for a friend using a DeepSkyParts kit


Eric Mennel 35 cm f4 newton


Rob van Vreden 16 inch f4.5


Carl Vehmeyer 18 inch f4.6


Piet Hans Bruinsma 16 inch f5

 Piet Hans has used the Celano Telescope Controller to make this excellent webcam photo of Jupiter