About us

DeepSkyParts was founded by Rob van Vreden and Carl Vehmeyer. The company is situated in the Netherlands. DeepSkyParts aims to offer economical solutions to computer controlled telescopes. We offer all the parts to convert a manually operated telescope to a computer controlled telescope. Our products are used by amateur and proffesional telescope builders.

Apart from our Celano Telescope Controller we offer everything you need to convert a manually driven telescope to a computer controlled telescope. The design of the Celano Telescope Controller is based on years of experience with observing. Many Dutch amateurs have been using it since 2004 and in the Netherlands it is also offered by Sumarian Optics as an option on their telescopes.  Rob and Carl are both active amateur astronomers. We can proudly state that the Celano Telescope Controller is a proffesional product made by amateur astronomers.


Rob van Vreden

Rob has a professional background in electronics, but also designs and engineers mechanical structures. He has been actively observing and photographing the sky for over 20 years. Rob has designed and build a range of instruments during that time, including a heavy duty German EQ-mount, a 16 inch computerized Newton, a 14 inch Dall-Kirkham and a robotic focuser. He also assisted many amateurs in the Netherlands with their projects.

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Carl Vehmeyer

Astronomy has been a lifelong passion for Carl. He made his first telescope in 1990 and has build over ten telescopes since then. He currently observes with a 18 inch newton and is building a 18 inch binocular telescope at the moment. Carl has a preference for observing deepsky objectes and is esspecially keen on observing galaxy clusters and planetary nebula. More info on Carl’s personal projects can be found on www.vehmeyer.net.

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