User information

This is the user page for the Celano telescope controller. Here you can download a zipfile containing information on how to set up the Celano, how to use our telescope controller in the field and how to build or adapt your telescope to computer control. You can also see our video demo of the Celano in action.

How to set up the Celano telescope controller

To quickly get started with the Celano we have created a zipfile that has all the info and programs you need. It contains:

  • The manual for the Celano (userguide, guide to setup program, mechanical adaptation)

  • The setup program for the Celano

  • Excel files for calculating gear ratio’s

The zipfile can be downloaded here   Manual & Setup 

A video demonstration of the Celano

How to build a computer controlled telescope

For now you can find examples of telescopes using our system on our ATM examples page. In the near future we will be giving further information on how to adapt your telescope. Please contact us for further information.